Late Lettings for accommodation providers

Ever have an empty property?

We give you the tools you need to fill them for free. With an easy to use management system that puts you in control. Enjoy complete freedom and flexibility to rent your place when you like for a price you want and only pay when it gets booked!

How it works

No Sale No Fee

Your property details are free to upload, you can add as many properties as you like and the best part is you only pay when your property is let. Our commission is fair and easy to understand we charge 15% inclusive of VAT with absolutely no hidden costs.

No ongoing contract Ever!

No tie-ins, No obligations, no restrictions. We are so flexible you can use us as and when it suits you. Our simple availability calendar means you can add dates to the site in seconds giving your property maximum exposure to the thousands searching every day.

What price do you want?

We specialise in giving accommodation providers the freedom they need to charge the prices they want. We just help where we can by giving the tools needed to make this as easy as possible. You do not have to offer any discounts but if you do you can choose to fix the discount or opt for our automatic discount where you set the price boundary and we do the rest!

Accept Bookings

Guests can search, book and pay for your property on Late Lettings. You receive a booking request which you can accept or decline eliminating the risk of double bookings! Once the booking is accepted by you the payment is completed by us. We pay you by bank transfer at the end of the month the holiday falls into and you have access to payment info within your account area. If the arrival is within 7 days we will always telephone you to let you know about it.

And Finally...

After you have accepted a booking, the guest receives a confirmation from us along with your contact details and any arrival information you have included, you will find all of their contact details including e-mail address in the bookings section of your account area.

SuperControl Users

Super Control

Display your properties and late availability on Late Lettings with one simple import. Decide your discount rate, set when availability should be displayed (2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months before arrival - it's up to you) and Late Lettings will do the rest. Your availability will be automatically displayed and all payments are carried out on your own site.

What our customers say

“A great way to advertise my empty weeks, I would recommend to anybody that wants to promote their last minute availability to use this service.”

- Mrs George - late lettings owner 2012

“Easy and friendly site, properties were up in no time, will definitely be using Late Lettings for all my last minute availability.”

- Mrs S Jeffrey - late lettings owner 2012

“I found this site really easy to use and uploaded my cottage without hassle. I look forward to getting bookings and I will definitely be using you again. ”

- Mr Grainger - late lettings owner 2012

“Finally a company who have helped me promote my empty weeks. The site was clear, quick and easy to use I’ve recommended you and will be using you again thanks.”

- Mr Crain - late lettings owner 2012